Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting around Downtown is easy with a little bit of planning. Whether you’re coming from the Eastside, Southside, Northend or across the Sound, there are a multitude of transportation options to meet your needs.

In the links below, you’ll find information about public transportation, parking and more designed to help find the best option for you. You’ll also find helpful maps and resources to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Be sure to visit Commute Seattle for access to a variety of transportation resources including construction alerts, schedules, biking information and more. Commute Seattle is a partnership between the Downtown Seattle Association, King County Metro and City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation, and is your one-stop shop for all things transportation in Downtown Seattle!

Visit these links to learn how to navigate Downtown:

 Parking: Remember: on-street parking is free nights after 8pm in most areas (6pm in some), and all day on Sundays and holidays!
 Transportation: Downtown Seattle’s public transportation is among the best in the country, offering everything from buses to streetcars to the Link light rail.
 Maps: For some, navigating Downtown can be a bit intimating, but it’s actually quite easy to get around. With a little guidance (and a map or two), we promise you will soon be an expert navigator of the Downtown streets whether you walk, bike or ride!