We’ve all been there. We head Downtown and unbeknownst to us, there is a protest, rally or other gathering taking place and at times, impeding traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance so you could adjust your travel and plans accordingly?

That’s where the MID eLERT program comes in. The eLERT program — managed by the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) — was developed to ensure the timely delivery of information related to public safety events in the Downtown area. When the MID learns about public rallies, protests, demonstrations and other events scheduled for Downtown Seattle, it sends an email in advance to inform all subscribers. The emails contain information such as date, time, reason for the event and possible outcomes, such as traffic congestion.

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Have a tip on public safety events – including rallies, protests and demonstrations – happening in Downtown? Send details to elert@downtownseattle.com. Your information will be reviewed and verified before it is forwarded to eLERT subscribers.