Meet Your Ambassadors

Ambassador Profile


Adolfo has been with the MID a little over a year and in that time has shown great improvement. Read More



Over the last few months, Hassan Wilson-Hazziez has shown himself to be a reliable and solid performer, both in supporting his team and in responding to ratepayer needs. Read More

MID Ambassadors of the Month

Clyde Daughtery

Clyde has been with the MID since 2002 and was recently promoted to “Trike Operator” because of his hard work and “can do” attitude. He is consistent, dependable and is very efficient in the work he provides. Clyde efficiency as a Trike Operator has resulted in a significant reduction in turnaround time for human waste removal in Pioneer Square. Clyde has also demonstrated his ability to work in various roles at the MID. After a two year stint as a Safety Ambassador, Clyde transitioned back to the Clean Team after remembering his passion for providing cleanliness to the streets of downtown. Clyde’s friendly attitude and drive to succeed are definitely qualities that MID, residents and ratepayers greatly appreciate.

David Vu

Despite being relatively new to the Safety Team, David seamlessly transitioned to Outreach in January of this year and has hit the ground running. David always maintains a positive attitude and professional decorum. His work ethic, professionalism and positive outlook have been a welcome addition to the Outreach team. David leans on his experience as a Safety Ambassador and uses this knowledge in ways that benefit the team. For example, he is almost always able to identify the location of an encampment and provide some background information about the location. Assigned the primary responsibility for the Belltown area, David has quickly adapted to the requirements that come along with this task, in the form of having to compile weekly written reports as well as to provide a verbal report to the Multidisciplinary Group. A quiet demeanor belies David’s self-assuredness which is always evident in his interactions with the population that he serves.