Spend a perfect day in Downtown Seattle experiencing all our vibrant city has to offer. Select from the suggested itineraries below – each of which includes a day full of activities and a walking map – and start exploring. From art lovers and families to attraction seekers and those on a tight budget, there’s something for everyone. Feel free to mix and match, and find out what makes Downtown Seattle the region’s premier year-round destination.

Select an itinerary:

Icons of Seattle

Visit the iconic landmarks and attractions that make Downtown Seattle famous.

» Download Icons of Seattle itinerary (pdf)



Locals Weekend Getaway

Maybe you’re already explored the many tourist destinations. Use this two-day guide to experience the city in a new way.

» Download Locals Weekend Getaway itinerary (pdf)



Arts & Entertainment

Downtown is home to world-class art, impressive local galleries, fabulous theatrical shows and a jumping music scene!

» Download Arts & Entertainment itinerary (pdf)



Downtown for Families

Downtown Seattle is a must-stop location for any family! From arcades to museums, our vibrant city features attractions for every age.

» Download Downtown for Families itinerary (pdf)



Downtown for Foodies

Seattle enjoys a well-earned reputation as a culinary hot-spot. Let us take you on a delicious progressive meal through Downtown with this itinerary.

» Download Downtown for Foodies itinerary (pdf)



Downtown Date Night

If you want the standard “dinner and a movie” you can do that. Or, you can do this. And, yes, there is a “dinner and a movie option.”

» Download Downtown Date Night itinerary (pdf)



Returning Visitors to Downtown

Maybe it’s your second or third time to visit Downtown and you feel as if you’ve seen the must-see sights. Think again. There’s much more to see and do, we’ll help you get started.

» Download Returning Visitors itinerary (pdf)



Unique Boutiques

Yes, Seattle is known for flagship stores of some of the biggest brands. We’re also home to eclectic retailers with a local flavor. Pick up a little Seattle style.

» Download Unique Boutiques itinerary (pdf)



A Day of Wedding Shopping

You’ve got a big day…a VERY big day coming up.  Downtown has all of your wedding day needs – from the dress to the suit to the flowers – we have you covered. Plus, a few suggestions for mid-shopping diversions.

» Download A Day of Wedding Shopping itinerary (pdf)



Self-Guided City of Seattle Walking Tours

» View City of Seattle’s self-guided walking tours of Seattle’s historic districts.





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