Jon Scholes | President & CEO | jons (at) downtownseattle (dot) org


Elisabeth James | Chief Operating Officer | elisabethj (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Brenda Evans | Vice President of Finance | brendae (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Emily Bailor | Board Administrator & Office Manager | emilyb (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Monica Ybarra | Human Resources Manager | monicay (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Jessica Madrazo | Accounting Assistant | jessicam (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Joya Marsh | Administrative Assistant & Receptionist | joyam (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Eddie Chaidez | Human Resources Assistant | eddiec (at) downtownseattle (dot) org


Don Blakeney | Vice President of Advocacy & Economic Development | donb (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Paul Dobosz | Business Development & Market Research Manager | pauld (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Ryan Gockel | Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects Manager | ryang (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Christina Dunsmore | Policy & Advocacy Specialist | christinad (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Jacqueline Gruber | Policy & Planning Analyst | jacquelineg (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Elliott Krivenko | Research Specialist | elliottk (at) downtownseattle (dot) org


Sally Wright | Vice President of Communications & Marketing | sallyw (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Fina Araya | Senior Manager, Marketing & Creative Services | finaa (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Rachel Padgett | Resource Development Manager | rachelp (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
James Sido | Public Relations Manager | jamess (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Carolyn Tow | Senior Member Relations Manager | carolynt (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Kaarin Borel | Member Relations Specialist | kaarink (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Katie Bajema | Visual Designer and Web Specialist | katieb (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Sara Umeda | Marketing Project Specialist | sarau (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Kelly Akers | Communications Specialist | kellya (at) downtownseattle (dot) org
Rhoades Clark | Communications & Marketing Coordinator | rhoadesc (at) downtownseattle (dot) org


Jonathan Hopkins | Executive Director | jonathanh (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Hannah Faires | Business Development Manager | hannahf (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Joseph Bellanca | Project and Policy Manager | josephb (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Kendle Bjelland | CTR Program Manager | kendleb (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Billy Duss | CTR Services Specialist | billyd (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Patrick Green | CTR Services Specialist | patrickg (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Kevin Futhey | Project Manager | kevinf (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Heidi Speight | Marketing and Outreach Specialist | heidis (at) commuteseattle (dot) com
Alex Hughan | Outreach Coordinator | alexh (at) commuteseattle (dot) com

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