Economic Sectors

Financial Services

Downtown Seattle is home to 11 of Washington State’s 15 top financial services firms, as well as approximately 66 percent of all financial services jobs.

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Global Health & Life Sciences

A substantial base of the Puget Sound region’s Life Sciences & Global Health organizations and employees are located in South Lake Union and Denny Triangle.

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The healthcare sector is one of the largest and fastest growing employment sectors in the United States.  In 2010, this sector accounted for more than 56,650 jobs in Seattle with an estimated annual payroll of $2.9 billion.

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Downtown Seattle is home to many of Seattle’s hotels and restaurants. Combined this sector employs nearly 18,000 workers.

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Information Technology/Interactive Media

Downtown Seattle is a growing hub for the interactive media and gaming industry.  As a major technology hub, Seattle continues to draw top talent from around the globe.

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Major Institutions

Seattle’s 14 Major Institutions are important economic engines with strong growth potential for the future.  One of every six Seattle jobs is directly related to these Major Institutions.

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