Transportation Choices Coalition named 2016 City Maker

The Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) has named Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC) as the recipient of the 2016 City Maker award at DSA’s 58th Annual Meeting, held at Amazon’s new Doppler Meeting Center.

The award was presented in recognition of TCC’s leadership and vision for the long-term vitality of Downtown Seattle, with attention to the city and regional transportation network, access to all modes of transportation and the need for affordable housing solutions.

In previous years, the DSA recognized a Downtown champion. The yearly award has now changed to City Maker, aligning with DSA’s new brand, unveiled at today’s meeting using a video featuring DSA members providing the organization’s definition of “city maker.”

Each year the DSA will present the City Maker award to an individual, company or organization that has made a significant impact in furthering DSA’s mission to create a healthy, vibrant Downtown.

“TCC is a truly helping shape the future of Downtown,” said DSA President & CEO Jon Scholes. “The organization understands that our area is trying to play catch-up on much needed transportation investments and they’ve been a leader on initiatives that will grow our network and support Downtown, the region’s economic hub. Their work truly symbolizes that of a city maker.”

PRR founder Rita Brogan presented TCC Executive Director Shefali Ranganathan with the award on stage at the Doppler Meeting Center in front of a sold-out  audience of more than 900 Downtown Seattle residents, business and community leaders.

Brogan, a former Commissioner of the Washington State Transportation Commission and Superintendent of Public Transportation Development for Metro Transit, praised Ranganathan and TCC for a tireless pursuit of tackling the region’s transportation challenges.

“TCC’s leadership on ballot measures over the last decade has generated nearly $30 billion for transit, bike lanes and sidewalks throughout our state,” said Brogan. “Their continued leadership will be needed moving forward on Sound Transit 3.”

In her remarks, Ranganathan implored the audience to get behind Sound Transit 3.

“A vibrant, healthy city provides people with options to get where you need to go. Sound Transit 3 is the most important transportation measure of our lifetime in this region. We’re going to need the support, time and resources of everyone in this room to push this forward.”

The Sound Transit 3 ballot measure will go the region’s voters this November. To learn more about ST3 and what this measure means for the future of transportation in Downtown and the Puget Sound region, click here.