MID Ambassadors of the Month

Each month, the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) recognizes MID Ambassadors from its Clean and Safe teams for the excellent work they’ve done in the past month. Below are the award winners.

Mike Grilli

MID Safety Mike Grilli 2014Mike Grilli is the Assistant Supervisor for Team Two, and he has continually shown himself to be a supportive and well-rounded team player. During the MID’s recent hiring drive, Mike assisted in the interview process and in our new-hire trainings. He created new testing to assist trainees in better learning the MID’s systems, as well as setting aside time to personally provide guidance and direction.

Mike was also part of the team that planned and designed our Parking Day blocklet, offering his skill in creating a map and flyer to showcase the upcoming design features of the Pike Pine Renaissance. Overall, he has always displayed a strong inclination toward service and collaboration, as well as setting a positive example for fellow team members.


Richard Carmichael

MID Clean Team Rich 2Richard Carmichael is a Cleaning Ambassador who demonstrates self-reliance and resourcefulness. In the four short months that he has been with the MID, Richard has quickly become one of the top Ambassadors. Since being permanently assigned to the Belltown neighborhood, Richard has managed to provide exceptional service, especially by the way he was been able to address the community’s concerns during a wind storm.

The storm had caused disruption in the way the MID normally provided cleaning services as there was an increase of debris that needed to be cleaned up immediately. Richard was able to remove much of the fallen debris from trees limbs out of the pedestrian right- away which allowed the businesses to continue to function without much disruption to their normal day to day business. His understanding of the role as Cleaning Ambassador was very evident during the untimely event. His willingness to go above and beyond his assigned duties on a daily basis displays his commitment in providing exceptional services.