Development and Construction Projects

Last updated July 2015

Downtown Seattle construction activity continues to rise.

SLU development webIn June of 2014, there were 100 active projects (permitted, under construction or completed since January of the previous year). By June of 2015, this number rose to 106 projects. This is the highest count since tracking began in 2005. Thirty projects were completed in 2014. In the first six months of 2015, 20 projects broke ground and 24 finished construction. With 36 projects projected for completion by the end of the year, Downtown Seattle is on track to see the largest number of completed projects in the past decade.

p32_pgeImage1Click through the links below to find information about active development projects in Downtown Seattle. This includes new construction, remodels/renovations involving building structure changes and public park projects. Projects must have construction permits issued and a construction cost of over $1 million to be included on the list of active projects (planned, permitted and scheduled; currently under construction or recently completed).

Use our search tool to find development and construction projects, or visit our interactive development and construction project map to learn about recent Downtown developments (or click on the map to the left).

Download our Analysis Summary of Downtown Development Projects (2015 mid-year update).

The following summary table indicates the status of Downtown Development as of June 30, 2015.

Total Active Projects: 106
Permitted 3
Currently Under Construction 49
Completed (since Jan 2014) 54
Development Cost Figures:
Permitted $97,000,000
Currently Under Construction $4,054,000,000
Completed (since Jan 2014) $1,695,000,000
Total: $5,846,000,000

Totals by Category
(permitted, under construction and recently completed)

Biotech/Medical  4
Hotel  4
Hotel/Office  2
Hotel/Residential  2
Office/Residential  1
Office 17
Residential 63
Retail  7

Total Hotel Rooms – 1,285
Total Condo Units – 876
Total Apartment Units – 10,425

Green Building Certifications

Permitted 0
Currently Under Construction 12
Completed (since Jan. 2014)