Development and Construction Projects

Last updated June  2016

The pace of downtown development continues to rise.

SLU development webAs of June 2016, there were 65 buildings under construction, the most in more than a decade.  Downtown Seattle’s construction boom continues with a record level of investment heading into 2016. The past two years have seen investment levels higher than at any point since tracking began. In mid-2015, more than $4 billion of construction projects were under construction. The construction cost for projects under construction is currently at $3.5 billion. This is more than double the $1.6 billion under way five years ago.

Click through the links below to find information about  development projects in Downtown Seattle. This includes new construction, remodels/renovations involving building structure changes and public park projects.

Visit our interactive development and construction project map to learn about recent Downtown developments.

Download our Analysis Summary of Downtown Development Projects (2016 mid-year update).

The following summary indicates the status of Downtown Development as of June 1, 2016.


Projects by Status
Completed*                          43
Currently Under Construction                          65
Demolition, Shoring and Excavation                          13
Land Use Issued                          20
Predevelopment                        115
Projects by Category
Biotech/Medical                          12
Cultural                            9
Education                            1
Government                            1
Hotel                          14
Hotel/Office                            2
Hotel/Residential                          13
Industrial                            2
Mixed Use                            3
Office                          44
Office/Residential                            9
Residential                        142
Retail                          11
Transportation                            3
Hotel Rooms by Status
Completed*                        552
Currently Under Construction                        608
Demolition, Shoring and Excavation                     1,562
Land Use Issued                        726
Predevelopment                     2,177
Residential Units by Status
Completed*                     4,308
Currently Under Construction                     7,558
Demolition, Shoring and Excavation                     1,018
Land Use Issued                     1,719
Predevelopment                    18,873

*Completed projects here include those completed between January 2015 and June 2016.