Development and Construction Projects Map

Last updated February 2017

Downtown continues to see unprecedented levels of development. With the expanding presence of, f5 and Facebook, Weyerhaeuser’s new Pioneer Square headquarters and Google’s move to South Lake Union along with unprecedented residential development – it’s an exciting time to be Downtown.

Check out the map below to find information about development projects in Downtown Seattle. This includes new construction, remodels/renovations involving building structure changes, and public park projects. Scroll down to see more information on the criteria used in our development database.

You can also download our Analysis Summary of Downtown Development Projects.

The bar chart and table below can be used to filter the views by completion year, current status and project category. Project status is as of December 31, 2016.


Notes on Criteria
Included are Downtown Seattle projects with structural components that have construction costs of $1 million or more (occasional exceptions to this criteria are made for some high profile projects). Transportation projects are only included if they involve a building structure (infrastructure such as rail and roads are not included).

The geography used for this analysis is the area within downtown Seattle. The Downtown Seattle Association uses the following boundaries for downtown: South Lake Union in the north to South Lander Street in the south and Elliott Bay in the west to Broadway in the east.

Definitions for Development Project Status
Permit activity determines project status. Note that the criteria changed in 2016 to allow for a more refined examination of projects by status.

Predevelopment – project has no land use or construction permits issued related to a planned new building construction.

Land Use Issued – project has land use permits issued but not building construction permits.

Shoring and Excavation – project has construction permits issued related to shoring and excavation to prepare for construction of a new building.

Currently Under Construction – project has building construction permits issued and passed preconstruction and first ground disturbance inspections.

Completed – final inspections related to the building permits are completed.