Downtown Seattle is surrounded by a diverse mix of neighborhoods and major activity centers. It’s also the main hub for Seattle’s many public transit options. For some, navigating Downtown can be a bit intimidating, but it’s actually quite easy to get around. With a little guidance (and a map or two), we promise you will soon be an expert navigator of the Downtown streets whether you walk, bike or ride.

Keep in mind, that all of Downtown is walkable. Park once and walk to multiple destinations.

You will find our most popular maps below. Print them out and head Downtown!


Downtown Seattle Map
Basic street map of Downtown Seattle’s 12 unique neighborhoods.


Icons of Seattle
Visit the iconic landmarks and attractions that make Downtown Seattle famous.

Arts & Entertainment
Downtown is home to world-class art, impressive local galleries, fabulous theatrical shows and a jumping music scene!

Downtown for Families
Downtown Seattle is a must-stop location for any family. From arcades to museums, our vibrant city features attractions for every age.

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Transit Agencies Map
All inclusive map that covers each transit agency’s routes, including Sound Transit, King County Metro, Community Transit, Pierce Transit, Everett Transit, plus Sounder Train, Link Light Rail and Washington State Ferries.

King County Metro Transit System Map
System map that shows the complete metro transit system.

Seattle Frequent Transit Network Map
Bus and rail service every 15 minutes or better, all day.


Seattle Bicycling Map
Biking through Downtown is a great way to get around! Use this bicycle map to locate information on bicycle facilities, safety, transit connections and more.

Commute PortalCommute Portal
The Commute Portal has a trip planning tool for all modes of transportation, as well as nearby bike parking and a custom Twitter feed with traffic updates.

To learn more about the area you would like to visit, select a neighborhood from ourNeighborhood Profiles page.