About DSA

The Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) is a non-profit member-based organization dedicated to ensuring Downtown’s health and vibrancy through advocacy, economic development and marketing, as well as a variety of commuter and neighborhood cleaning, hospitality and safety services.


As part of its commitment to Downtown, the Downtown Seattle Association creates and manages a variety of programs to maintain a healthy, vibrant urban core. See below for more information on each of the DSA’s programs.

Downtown Residents Council

The DSA’s Downtown Residents Council gives a collective voice to Downtown residents, advocates for residential issues and perspectives, and provides a forum for resident members of Downtown’s 12 neighborhoods to connect and work together on issues important to the community.

Metropolitan Improvement District

In 1999, DSA created the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID) to enhance the urban environment of five neighborhoods in Downtown Seattle. Since then, DSA has developed and managed the MID’s cleaning, safety, marketing, transportation and business development programs.

Commute Seattle

Transportation is also a major priority for DSA, and in an effort to improve access to, through and from Downtown, DSA partnered with King County Metro and the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation to form the Commute Seattle This organization develops resources for Downtown employers and commuters to encourage transit use and reduce the volume of drive-alone commuters.

Downtown Seattle Cares

Founded by DSA to build upon the association’s long history of addressing issues important to the health and vibrancy of Downtown, Downtown Seattle Cares provides funding and facilitates collaboration among the nearly 100 human services, economic and urban development agencies in Downtown Seattle that provide support for mental illness, substance abuse, housing, parks and urban environment, workforce training and employment programs.

In addition, DSA also established Bellwether Housing (formerly Seattle Housing Resources Group) in 1980 as an independent non-profit organization to build housing for low-income citizens. Its efforts have helped make Downtown accessible and affordable to all, and have contributed to the diversity and growth in the number of residents who make their homes Downtown.


Our Historical Milestone Timeline – created in celebration of our 50th Anniversary in 2008 – provides an in-depth look at DSA’s accomplishments that have helped make Downtown Seattle the distinctive, vibrant place we treasure today.


Learn about the efforts and accomplishments of the Downtown Seattle Association from the past year. View Annual Report.


Membership in DSA is open to businesses, organizations and Downtown-based residents who share our commitment to a healthy, vibrant urban core. Become a member today.