Election Day is Nearing: Two Measures Important to Downtown Seattle

The Downtown Seattle Association champions a healthy and vibrant urban core, with an eye on all measures impacting Downtown Seattle.  This November, there are two ballot issues the DSA has taken a stance on – Referendum 74 (marriage equality in Washington) and Proposition 1 (Elliott Bay Seawall).

For several years, the DSA has analyzed  and evaluated the issues critical to Downtown Seattle’s health and well-being. That reasearch, combined with candidate surveys, has produced the 2012 Voter’s Guide.

In short, DSA believes marriage equality is both a human rights and an economic competitiveness issue.  Rejecting Referendum 74 would hurt Seattle’s reputation and ability to creative a diverse environment – one which is attractive for the recruitment and retention of young, highly skilled knowledge workers who are in high demand by Downtown businesses.  DSA’s stance on same-sex marriage was approved by the board in May 2012.

Proposition 1’s position at the bottom of the ballot has been discussed on this very blog. So, while we don’t want to sound repetitive, this measure is truly 0f critical importance to the future of Downtown Seattle and we implore voters to pay attention all the way to the end of the ballot.  DSA supports the $290 million bond measure to complete the funding necessary to construct the first phase of the Elliott Bay Seawall Replacement Project (between Washington and Virginia Streets), and would fund reconstruction of public piers (Pier 62/63 and Waterfront Park).

We encourage you to read the DSA positions before you cast your ballot, and consider how issues affect Downtown Seattle – the best place to live, work, shop and play in the region.



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