I Want to be a Square – Being a Square is Cool

Whew! Has everyone else had a few crazy summer weekends? I sure have. I’d like nothing more than to sleep in this Saturday, stay in the P-jams and watch an [insert terrible teen drama here] marathon…no matter how gorgeous the weather.

 Instead, I am going to race – yes, race – you to Downtown Seattle’s Pioneer Square  for the inaugural Seattle Square outdoor market in Occidental Square.   Hey you! What’s your hurry? Well, the first 200 visitors will receive SWAG tote bags with fun stuff such as free coupons for Pioneer Square nightclubs, DRY soda, discount passes and more!

Soooo…you’re hauling to Pioneer Square on Saturday morning for a SWAG bag? Um, no – that’s just why I’m hurrying. (The Seattle Square starts at a decent hour – 11:00 a.m., I’ll have you know.) The Seattle Square features a wide range of vintage and craft vendors selling everything from locally-designed clothing, to handmade house wares and accessories, to mid-century furniture…and that’s just the goods. The Square also hosts some of the city’s most popular mobile food vendors and talented electronic musicians/DJs.

Cool! What else? Sheesh, as if everything above wasn’t enough! Kidding – I’m glad you asked. The Seattle Square-goers also get a rockin’ happy hour deal at Pioneer Square bars and free parking compliments of Diamond Parking and the Merrill Place Garage.

I’d prefer not to drive. Fair enough. Pioneer Square just so happens to be one of the city’s most-accessible neighborhoods – check out Commute Seattle to see how you can light rail, ferry, bus and bike to your heart’s content!

Hey, that sounds pretty sweet – so sweet I might be interested in getting involved! Ah shoot, I probably missed some sort of deadline, huh? Nope! There are a plethora of ways to get involved; you can register as a vendor, request to be one of the featured electronic musicians/DJ’s by emailing James Grindle at gconscious@gmail.com, volunteer (7 different positions available) , sponsor, or simply follow The Seattle Square on Facebook and Twitter . (Hey, getting involved is getting involved – right?)

SOLD! I am so there! Yep – that’s what I thought. Besides, P-jams and terrible teen dramas can wait until Sunday.

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