The Downtown Seattle population is more racially diverse than that of the city, county and the nation as a whole, another factor that makes Downtown living desirable for both residents and the businesses who serve them. Currently, nearly 60,000 people live Downtown with a third of those Downtown residents working Downtown as well. Downtown living is also convenient for people who work elsewhere; for students attending one of the region’s many colleges and universities; for retirees; and many more.

Nine percent of Seattle’s population of 640,821 lives Downtown.  Downtown residential density is over 20,000 residents per square mile and nearly three times the citywide average. The concentration of city residents Downtown is large and increasing. Downtown Seattle’s population has grown 10 percent since 2010, compared to 5 percent citywide for the same period,  accounting for nearly 16 percent of the city’s total population growth between 2010-2014.

Among the fastest-growing groups Downtown (2010-2014):

  • Children aged 5-9
  • Telecommuters
  • Teenagers
  • Households  with 3 or more people
  • Asians
  • Hispanics
  • Women

The number of family households Downtown has increased (9%) since 2010. Families currently comprise approximately 17 percent of Downtown households. The total number of households Downtown has increased 10 percent since 2010 and is projected to increase an additional 10 percent over the next five years. One-fifth (19%) of family households Downtown have children. The number of children Downtown increased 31 percent between 2010 and 2014.

To read more about the demographics of those living and working in Downtown Seattle, visit our Economic Profile page

All statistics on this page were provided by The Nielsen Company. The 2014 estimates reflect the most current numbers available. “Downtown Seattle” data are aggregated from census tract level data and reflect the following 2010 Seattle census tracts: 71, 72, 73, 74.01, 74.02, 80.01, 80.02, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91 and 92. A map of Seattle census tracts can be found on the Puget Sound Regional Council website at

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